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Monday, September 17, 2007


How shitty can it get?

3 teams, 2 weeks, 0 wins.

My picks got even worse in week two: 5/10

Overall: 12/19

The sole consolation I have is that the Bills and the Dolphins are winless as well.

Stick to your day job!
I feel your pain Jackson. I've finished at the bottom of out pool all three weeks so far. What I'm clinging to? Let's see, Army only allowed one offensive touchdown against ACC champs Wake Forrest, The Terps looked like they goet crushed by UWV, but in reality they held the highly ranked Mountaineers scoreless for two quarters, GT revealed themselves and everybody else that they actually stink by being OWNED by Boston College here in Atlanta on the ESPN 8:00 feature game. The Falcons stink and have no hope.

Yep, the Jets are my only hope and you're not making me feel good about them.

Thank God for hockey season.
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