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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Houston beats ATL
The Jets will beat Buffalo securing 2nd place behind the evil Patriots
Baltimore beats Cleveland
Dallas beats St. Louis
Detroit beats Chicago
Miami beats Oakland
Green Bay beats Minnesota
Tampa Bay beats Carolina
San Fran over Seattle
Pittsburgh over Arizona
Indy over Denver
San Diego over KC
Philly over the Giants
New England over Cincinnati

I suppose.........

That hurts so bad. It's a proven fact; The Eagles can only win if they have on very bad uniforms.
I can only hope they are back to the green Sunday night.
Sorry, I got off to a bad start tgis season, I can't afford more than one 'pick from the heart' per week - that goes to the Jets.

Philly looked too good.

Far too much has been made of the uniforms.
I hope Philly loses, if that means anything, but I don't think they will....
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