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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The Legal Diva and I had our first party. It went very well.

We came at it from different places, but we met in the middle, and had great success.

We used our new grill to fire up some flank steak, and twenty chicken legs.

I soaked that shit for twenty-four hours.

It was yummy.

The Legal Diva did up some superb tater salad, tomatoes and mozz, a massive plate of prosciutto, cheese, and baguette, and sliced melon and fig.

Many spirits were consumed: beer, wine, sake, tequila, vodka, whiskey....

I played a lot of records. Peter picked out a few as well, and I must say his choices were held in high regard by yours truly. When he pulled out the Frankie, the joint fired up.

I was playing it fast and loose, sometimes just grabbing a record at random. I had my moments of triumph.

In an act of the truest love, The Legal Diva played Risk with me at the end of the night.

I'm a lucky man.

Be careful about letting the smell of the Legal Diva's cooking permeate too far into the neighborhood, you'll end up with an army of drooling strangers peering through your front fence. Same could be said for your culinary stylings as well. Man, I wish I was there. Hadn't heard that you guys picked up a grill. All year round cooking option and well suited for Sunday afternoon Jets ass kicking fare.

You're killin' me with that Streisand thing. Did Saxon get any spins?
You need a cooking/drinking/music show - hell I would set my tivo for that.

what were the LIVE Albums you spun?

I doubt there was any "Double Live Gonzo"
No Saxon, No Nugent - the only live LP I can recall getting a spin was the David Johansen live record with the Animals medley - that shit rocks.
In 8th grade our music teacher gave each of us the project to present 2 songs from our favorite artists to play for the class and talk about what aspects of the material you liked about each. I spun "Yank Me, Crank Me, Don't Wake Up and Thanks Me" and Wang Dang" off of "2x Live Gonzo" all the pre/post banter included.

Never got to the discussion part surprisingly...
patron silver over chinaco?

that's the only choice i question

and going for kimchatca over mexico
nugent has a new record out if you didn't know

somehow i think you do

rock lives
We opted for our neighborhood liquor store, no Chinaco or El Tesoro, but hey, in a pinch I'll take Patron - can you say Cuervo....don't try, you'll feel dirty.

It's Kamchatka (sp), and there's no Mexico. You might be thinking of Central America, and I had both in the end......that's if there is an end.

A guy has to have rules, and one of mine is 'No new Nugent'.

1980 is his cutoff point.
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