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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Rod was right.

I'm ashamed.

I will remember.......

I will tack this one, but if Brian Westbrook was playing it would have been a different game. I was pulling for the Jets, costly interception and Trent Edwards made the difference.
Next week Jets vs Giants and both teams need the win bad. The Axis powers are 8-0 (Dallas & New England)
and are gaining ground ever week.
The Axis Powers, Well stated. I think the Jets need Bobby Knight to take the head caoching reigns. If there's one thing Jets and Falcons fans have in common is feeling like this Monday morning.

I guess Auther Blank gets to avoid embarassment by not losing to a Matt Schaub QB'd team, but it won't be a pretty season for the dirty birds. We've got TO, oops! I mean, Deangelo Hall blowing games for us now.
Actually, the Pats aren't 4-0 yet, right now they are currently 12 minutes away from achieving that.

It doesn't look like Cincinnati is going to put a stop to it.
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