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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


When I first converted my double cut-away Les Paul Jr. to a Keith 5-string G tuning, predictably a mess of Stones tunes started pouring out of it – ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Start Me Up’, all the 1-4 numbers.

That’s the beauty of the 5-string G, the 1-4 move is a matter of sublime simplicity.

Today I picked up the guitar and said to myself – this is me talking here – Have I tried it in F yet?

As I did the 1-4 move in the F position, I said – again me talking – hey, wait a second.

Minutes later I was playing ‘Getaway’ from the ‘Dressed To Kill’ record by Kiss.

I would never have bothered.

That’s another beauty of the 5-string G tuning – you find stuff.

Ace used open G tuning on a couple of tunes that I c an hum but do not know the titles of without looking at the records. Rock & Roll All Night is an open tuning song.
I have never tried 5 string open G - but have been taking some slide lessons and have my acoustic tuned to G. I agree with the statement "you find stuff".

I gotta try that 5 string thing.
You have enough guitars to dedicate to a Keith tuning, one of your Teles perhaps? I'd take it to a pro for the set-up. I did, it made a world of difference.
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