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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Rock won't die as long as I keep it on life support.

After the game on Saturday, Tony and Mrs. Alva took me to Ear Wax, a vinyl shop in ATL.

I can't blog the list of purchases as the Legal Diva bought some vinyl over the weekend as well, and we haven't had the chance to share our good fortune with each other yet, but I am compelled to reveal a certain find, or finds as it were.

Collecting is a compulsion guided by specific but arbitrary rules.

Part of my rule set is based on association. If I like Neil Young, I also need to buy, unfortunately, some albums with David Crosby and Graham Nash on them.

If I buy Peter Gabriel records, I'm in for some Genesis.

At Ear Wax I found, not one, but both Lone Star records.

The Lone Star association is UFO.

Micheal Schenker bolted on UFO twice. The first time was during the 'Light's Out' tour. The band called in Paul Chapman, of Lone Star, to finish the tour. When Schenker quit again, after the 'Obsession' tour, they brought back Paul who would be their guitar player for much of the eighties.

I haven't really heard any of it yet. Our home stereo amp lost it's left channel during the last party. I thought I had a replacement, a Chrispy street find, but it didn't work out.

I'm gonna get a new one in the morning.

Sorry that amp went out on you. I guess the good news is that a new 5:1/6:1 Sony can be had for pretty cheap. Enjoyed the UFO DVD emensely and must pick up a copy for no other reason than to gank Paul Chapman's licks on Mystery Train.
UFO DVD? did I miss something in the post?

I have never heard Lone Star, but I am excited to find some.

It's good to see you're back in the blogosphere, sounds like you had a great time in GA.
It's a most excellent UFO docu. MS is sober and articulate with some great live footage from the heyday era. Jackson can fill you in on the title. It's a must have for sure...
The UFO DVD is called 'Too Hot To Handle'. I found it at Amazon, it's an import, well worth the purchase. Most of the live footage is from a 76 show featuring the 'No Heavy Petting' lineup, that is to say, Danny Peyronnel on keys.

There's some 'Lights Out' era stuff, but not much.

Schenker comes off very sane in the interview stuff, and Pete Way, well, he's Pete Way, inne?
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