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Monday, October 01, 2007


I went 6-8.


I probably wasn't alone in being wrong about those games.

It's going to be a long season, but it seems to be shaping up to be an interesting one despite the Axis Powers.

A lot changed in the off season. You can't count on beating Houston or Detroit anymore. You can't count on San Diego or the Seahawks to win. There are signs of renaissance in Oakland, San Fran, Tampa, and after last night, I'd say Buffalo can be dangerous if they forget all about Loss-man.

Like everyone else who has bothered to look into it, I have figured out the problem with the Jets.

It's the same problem they have had since Curtis got hurt; they don't have a break-out Running Back.

Perhaps Thomas Jones will solve that problem, but he hasn't yet.

The Jets need the best RB on the planet, like when they had Curtis, to compete, because they have no long passing game. The Jets long ball does not exist, except when Cotchery turns 10 into 30 with yards after the catch.

They are trying. They know.

The Giants defense showed up finally, but they didn't put a whole lot of points on the board. Overall, though, Eli is doing very well, and they could very likely be a contender, which means they could be one of the teams Dallas beats in the post season.

The Axis Powers, the evil Pats, and the Cowboys. Only serious injury to key players, multiple key players - on both teams, could save the season.

So, there's something to hope for along with everything else.

Very good assessment I'd say. Detroit, they've got Calvin Johnson catching passes and a serious deep threat. If they can improve throwing deep, they'll continue to dig themselves out.

Your analysis re: the Jets lack of running threat is spot on. You have to have balance. Without it, the defense knows what you're going to do. It's the fundemental strategy of the West Coast offense. The Falcons w/Vick were the opposite of the Jets. They have good running backs and they had him to scramble out of tough spots for forst downs, but the guy couldn't read pass defenses to save his life and was likewise reluctant to throw the damn ball. Now that he's gone, we're starting over.

I hate the Pats and Cowboys. Having them waltz into the playoffs is like watching the Yankees in post season.
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