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Saturday, October 06, 2007


I've come around to the fact that I'm doing horribly with my picks. I've gone back to the Jacksonian method of old, picking from my heart. Tough week to do so - Jets/Giants, Buffalo Dallas, but hey, fuck it, right?

Houston over Miami
KC over Jacksonville
Cleveland over New England
New Orleans over Carolina
Jets over Giants
Pittsburgh over Seattle
Arizona over St. Louis
Detroit over Washington
Tennessee over ATL
Tampa Bay over Indianapolis
Denver over San Diego
San Fran over Baltimore
Green Bay over Chicago
Buffalo over Dallas

So what do you think of them Giants?
Falcons vs Jets: Whose suckiness is suckier?

I KNOW Harrignton is NOT the answer for Atlanta, and neither is Leftswitch, but I'm starting to think Chad either needs to hit the weights and build some arm strength or many move on, yes?
Chad's career is soley dependent upon the running game. Without the run, Chad can't win.

I'd like to see him hang around, he's a smart dude, and a class act.
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