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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I still love football.

I had a great football weekend. I was down in ATL hanging with Tony Alva, Mrs. Alva, Lil' Alva the future baker/aviator, and their critters, F.B. and Lucy.

The main reason for the trip was to help Tony wire his studio, as Grey Cat Sound moved along with the rest of the Alva's possessions to new digs. And nice digs they are.

Saturday found the Alva clan, including Tony's esteemed father and notorious comedian, Double Nickle Dave, and myself, along with the Alva's tailgate crew, at the Georgia Tech vs. Army game. The Alva's and I are, of course, Black Knight fans, and we brought spirit. Unfortunately that's mostly all that the Black Knights brought, and, alas, the damned Yellow Jackets won.

At any rate, it's nice to be in the stands, and the paratroopers were great.

Sunday was Wire Up the Patch Bay Day. If you have to ask, you'll never know. It's a heavy gig, but Tony and I work well together, and it went very smoothly.

Much more smoothly than the Jets.

I was able to monitor the Falcons/Saints game, but I didn't see any of it. I saw the end of the Jet game though. All I can say is; man that soup was good.

The Giants won.

I went 6/8.

Week 8 picks:

Detroit over Chicago

Oakland over Tennessee

Cleveland over St. Louis

Minnesota over Philly

Giants over Miami

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

Carolina over Indy

Jets over Bills

Tampa over Jacksonville

Houston over San Diego

New Orleans over San Fran

Washington over New England

Green Bay over Denver

I think New England has a chance at going 16-0, but if there is a team out there that can sneak up on them, pummel them, and take away a win, it might be the redskins.
Their defense matches up as well as any can with the patriots offence, and if Joe Gibbs decides to just stand tall and run the ball down new England’s throat, maybe they might be ahead at the end of the game.
A way to stop the Pats? One word: Murder. With the right jury I could avoid conviction.

Again, Jackson THANK YOU for all your help this past weekend. I hope your's and the Legal Diva's party goes well. We wish we could be there. New post up at my place with pics...
Happy Halloween, I wish I could be there for u and Legal Diva party as well…Please make a Bloody Mary for me in spirit. I really love your picks for week 8 of NFL. I am so pissed at Inside the NFL and ESPN….everyone is talking about next week game against the Pats and Colts the battle of the undefended!@#!@ Can you say a bitch slap to every Carolina and Redskins fan in America. I understand Dallas did a piss poor job but hey as Mr. Marcus tells me at least once a week, never seen a boy to do a man’s job. Go SKINS and Go Panthers!!!! Have a great time at the party and send plenty of pictures!!!
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