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Thursday, November 15, 2007


I went 6/7 last week. I will beat that with these:

Tampa beats Atlanta
Cleveland beats the Ravens
Giants beat Detroit
Philly over Miami
Minnesota over Oakland
San Diego beats Jacksonville
Indy over KC
Arizona beats the Bengals
Green Bay over Carolina
Saints beat Houston
Jets beat Steelers
San Fran over Rams
Dallas beats the Skins, sadly....
New England wins by cheating against Buffalo

I think Oakland is going to be the ViQueens... You got Dante coming back to the dome to settle some unfinished business.

I should be a interesting game of two shitty teams - good thing it will be blacked out here in minneapolis.
Jets beating the Steelers hummmm...

I'd certainly be a sight to see.
"Jets beating the Steelers hummmm..."

Well, at least one of my teams won this weekend. Saw the game on the tube Jackson, they played with heart.
Sadly New England just looked unstoppable.
Can someone shoot the team planee out of the sky puleeze? Otherwise we may have to listen to Boston bastards going on about the "perfect" season forever.
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