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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The Legal Diva and I took Sally for a road trip down south to Chucktown for the holiday. I love a road trip. You grab a mess of CDs, load up on road snacks (jerky, chips, lil' Snickers bars), and hit the road.

Once you're on the highway you get your head set, and rock out to the tunes. The car is a great listening environment. There are few distractions, and you can really get inside the music.

I fucked up, though. I failed to bring enough listening material, and by the time we got there, we had exhausted our supply. Of course we did the proper thing. We went record shopping.

For the drive home we bought:

Gabriel's third record (Melting Face). I hadn't sat down and really listened to it since I read in the Bible that Gabriel had mandated that there be no cymbals on the record. It's very interesting, all the other instruments really speak out. What a great album.

Duran Duran's hits package 'Decade'. I like the early stuff, but they lose me after the the 'Ragged Tiger' tracks.

The Chili Peppers 'By the Way', the predecessor to 'Stadium Arcadium' is kinda weak. It sounds great, but the songs aren't all that great. Flea has said that John Frusciante was trying to make a Cure record. I totally heard that.

The Legal Diva picked out a great Bossa Nova record by Bebel Gilberto, 'Tanto Tempo'. I loved it. Very groovy, very sexy.

The first of the American Music records that Johnny Cash made with Rick Rubin and TP and the HBs, 'Unchained', is fantastic. I love Johnny's spin on modern rock tunes; Soundgarden's 'Rusty Cage', TP's 'Southern Accents', and Beck's 'Rowboat' receive the Cash treatment to excellent results.

The Police 'Zenyatta Mondatta' is a very good record, there's a couple of fluff instrumentals, but the rest is great. I think they were working together as band the best at that point.

and Yes 'Fragile' a classic, monster album that holds up 35 years on.

We also bought vinyl:

Marvin - 'What's Going On', and 'Let's Get It On'
Parliament - 'The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein'
Donny Hathaway - self titled
Curtis Mayfeild - 'Super Fly'
Aretha Franklin - 'Young, Gifted and Black'
Bob Marley - 'Natty Dread'
Run DMC - 'King of Rock'
Absolute Beginners - the motion picture soundtrack

With the exception of the last two, they are all 180 gram re-issues. I'm psyched to give it all a spin. Might have to have a party.

While we were in town we stayed with Hot J Brown who is a most gracious host, and a great friend.

The Legal Diva's kin are a riot. Never a dull moment, and man, do they know how to put out a spread. Thanksgiving with them is truly a wonder as well as a blessing.

Chucktown is always a good time.

I had a lot of thanks to give.

I have been listening to Yes Fragile for the past 3 days - it has been years since I've listened. Found the CD while moving stuff around in my room.

You are right, this record still holds up today - it's awesome.

Also - I'm a BIG Donny Hathaway Fan, sounds like a great road trip.
Good to have you back and glad you had a good time with the family. Sorry 'bout the Jets. Couldn't have been worse. Hope you didn't have to deal with PR while you were down there.

After our trip to Earwax while you were in town and a subsequent shipment from Amazon that I forgot about, I now own 10,000 Parliment records/CD's.

Thanks for reminding me of that book and linking to it. I just bought it.
Where the hell did you find vinyl?
Very stealthy, but I'm on to you. We found vinyl at 525 downtown, and at Monster in West Ashley.
I have been listening to a lot of Soundgarden lately.. Black Hole Sun still moves me. It is too bad that Chris Cornell has lost his mojo, imho. King of Rock is awesome.. Haven't heard that in a long time.. At times like this I will go to iTunes and purchase the albums after you talk about them.. iTunes has expanded versions sometimes, and that album has "Slow and Low" as a demo... Cool.
What I need is 'Raising Hell' and Dre's 'Chronic'. Chrispy has a vinyl copy of 'Doggy Style'. That shit is obese!
dre's chronic is top ten material and maybe the only rap album my top 50 (eminem maybe made it)

johnny cash rules and i've been digging his cover of Neil's Heart Of Gold for weeks


not sure about yes, I have bad memories of jack daniels and roundabout at the garden when i was 17.

the funk you got sounds great. gotta give all of that a listen with you and something to get funky with.

sounds like a great trip. gabriel did me right on many road trips.
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