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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I happened across this film back in 99. I bought a VHS copy on the merit of the cover; it looked up my alley, and it was.

It's safe to say that this is my favorite movie, surpassing all Bond, Apocalypse, The Road Warrior,......well, maybe not Spinal Tap, and that's fitting because Still Crazy is like Spinal Tap with a script.

The fictitious band here is called Strange Fruit, and they are fronted by my favorite actor, Bill Nighy.

Bill's performance in this film is beyond great. It's sublime, it transcends, it's perfect.

Basically, you have a 70's hard rock band trying their hand at a reunion tour in the late 90's. Stephen Rea is the keyboardist, Timothy Spall is the Drummer - again, a superb performance, and Billy Connolly is the road manager.

The songs are decent, but it's the acting, direction, and design that seal the deal - it feels real.

Get on the Netflix people. That's an order.

I will try to find this movie... it sounds good.
just put it in my netflix queue

don't you love that word

how often do you get to do four vowels in a row?
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