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Friday, November 09, 2007


I've been watching football since 1975. I've seen a goodly number of QBs. Greatness in a QB is less about a monster arm and a shit-ton of passing yards; greatness is measured in wins. Sometimes less than stellar athletes manage to go the distance on pure dedication, persistence, and desire.

Joe Namath, Phil Simms, Ken Stabler.....

Papa Robbie pissed me off throwing Super Bowls in my face, in respect to the Jets and his beloved evil Cowboys. There's really no argument, and I suppose that's what made me mad. He's right. If you can't deliver a win, well.......you lose. That's why you won't see Dan Marino on this list.

Tom Brady also does not make the list. You have to be human, and he's not human. Tom Brady is an automaton in the employ of Dick Cheney.

5) Joe Theisman

I hate him, but hell, he was a hell of a competitor, and he got the job done more than once.

4) Roger Staubach

Repeaters fair well here. He had a great team, that helps a lot.

3) Peyton Manning

You can't deny Peytie Pie. I wonder how he'd do with less talent to work with.

2) Brett Favre

Brett will be remembered much like Untitas. His greatness is in his grit. That's very football.

1) Joe Montana

Not much to say here. He's the Beatles of football.

Honor Roll: Dan Fouts, Jim Plunkett, Bob Greise......

While never getting a ring, but appearing in a gazillion Super Bowls, I'd add Fran Tarkington(sp?).

How 'bout John Elway? I hate him, but the dude could win a game in the last 60 seconds like no other.

My hatred of Staubach starts with my dad who had to watch Roger beat Army his plebe year for the fourth time in a row. Boy was Army glad when that guy graduated. He's actually a pretty great guy. It's sad he had to play for evil incarnated.
If winning the big one counts, then there has only been one quarterback EVER to win four super bowls. Granted he is a moron and makes a fool of himself every Sunday, he had one of the best defenses ever put on a field, but still he stands by himself as the lone quarterback with four rings.
No ring, no deal, sorry Fran, and oh yeah, his name is Fran, a chicks name - forget it.

Who is John Elway?

I debated the Terry Bradshaw thing, it was a tough decision, because, as you say, 4 rings is huge. In the end, however, as is the way here at Savage D - my blog, my rules - Terry's loudmouth behavior on national television over the past far too may years has wiped away all his original, and very impressive accolades and accomplishments.
(Walks into blog with hands in pockets and whistling....looks around and walks out)
What was that? Did anybody else feel that? It was like,.....a presence, it came, and like, looked around, then left....eerie....
I'm glad you did not add Fran - Vikings have NEVER won the big game. I especially like the "no girl names" rule... doesn't that eliminate Payton Manning?

Not the best QB but most like a rock star... Ken "the Snake" Stabler - only one superbowl win - but against the ViQueens! He also set a record of 143 attempts without an interception.
Okay I hate to go here but with your reason for not including Terry on the greatness QB list I gotta asked why not give these guys at lease honorable mention Jackson?
Randall, Warren, Doug (hell he got a ring), Steve, Donavan, and my favorite Mick… hey did anyone else notice that even when Paparobbie doesn’t speak he is still an A$$ or is it just me….
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