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Monday, December 10, 2007


I just got back from the record release gig for the 'Moonshot' record by Mano Felciano.

Chrispy and I had the pleasure of recording the album. Basically, Mano is a super talented performer. He's the complete package. He acts, sings, dances, plays guitar, and manages to be a great guy to hang with.

The record went well, and Smoke and Mirrors was blessed to be able to record some great players.

Rob Machold, aka Dr. Rhythm, also known as Dr. Goodfeel, brought Mano to Smoke and Mirrors. Along with Chrispy and Mano, Rob produced the record as well as playing drums and electric piano. Rob really kept the project on track, and deserves much of the credit for getting it done.

So, not only were we working withing the well worn comfort zone of Machold, but Mano also brought in long time Smoke and Mirrors alum Dave Cavalier (guitar). Dave gets us, and we get him....drunk.

On the day that most of the basic tracking was done (drums and bass) we had the pleasure of working with Matt Lindsey (bass). I would say, overwhelmingly, that great players are joy to work with. I have yet to encounter an ego problem with a great player. I'm always knocked out by the combination of professionalism and casualness I encounter with gifted players.

Tonight at the show I finally got to see Pete Foley (keys) play. All of his tracks for the record were done remotely, and thus, our paths had never crossed - another great guy and amazing player.

The live band is rounded out by vocalists Julie Reiber and Julienne Walker, as well as Rick Costa and friend (horns).

It was a great show, and a great resolve to a great project.

I'm a lucky guy.

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