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Sunday, December 30, 2007


The Jets end their shitty season with a win. Fortunately that win didn't effect their position in the draft. Again, Eric, or whoever, pick a first round offensive lineman. Hell, get another in the second round.

The Giants, again, eek into the post season. They can beat any of the NFC contenders. Will they? Stay tuned.

The Saints? Disappointing. Par for the course I guess.

The stupid Titans knocked out the Browns. Boring.

Washington gets in. Innaresting.

Fuck the AFC playoffs, snore........

The Patriots went 16-0. Okay, so shut up then. Cheaters........

i believe the Jets' dropped to the sixth pick as a result of their victory. Sadly, Vinny Testeverde has announced his retirement
I gotta say I've done a 180 on ole Vinny Testicles. He went out this year and prefromed with flair. I saw a post game interview in which he said something about staying in football and moving to Tampa Bay. Hmmmm....
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