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Thursday, December 06, 2007


I'm done with picks. I stopped caring. It was more fun when Hue and Chrispy gave a shit.

I still care about the Jets, and I believe they will scrape up a scrap of respect over these last few games. Besides, we've got a great draft pick to look forward to. Mangini is probably on it, but just in case....

Eric, offensive line, get Mangold a friend.

My Saints still have a prayer, but I have no faith. Reggie is afraid of getting hit.

I have little hope for the Giants as well.

I'm still a fan though, and I've got shitty season replacement teams to support: Cleveland, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh.

I've always liked Cleveland, I dug Kosar, and I like their vibe.

You gotta love Brett.

I don't love the Steelers, but they could give Evil a fight come post season.

josh told me brett is out for the season. is that true?

you can tell i lost interest in the NFL when the Jets won once in the first half of their season
Bret banged up his elbow, and their number two guy has been taking snaps in practice, but Bret says he'll play sunday.

The Apckers are sponge worthy replacements for our shitty home favs. Don't give up the love my friend. We need your support to take down the Axis of NFL Evil. Bring the hate...
Keep on hatin', debatin' and statin'...the Cowboys will be droppin' knees like Hercules on all their enemies & all y'all can do is root for team with heads of cheese?
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