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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hey man, by all means, if Led Zepplin wants to tour, they should do so. I'm quite sure it's a dream come true for countless millions. Same for what passes for Van Halen. I'm not saying that they shouldn't tour. I'm saying you won't see me there. Not without Bonzo, and not without Michael Anthony.

And, I'm not against finding replacements for lost members, but Michael Anthony is not dead, and in the case of the late Mr. Bonham, well he'd be the only reason I'd ever go see Zepplin in the first place.

I can't deal with Robert Plant. I certainly couldn't handle watching him prance about for two hours, hell, I can't even get through The Song Remains The Same.

I'd love to see Diamond Dave again, but I feel insulted by the lack of Michael Anthony, I mean he's available, like John Paul Jones was when Page and Plant did that awful live thing back in the nineties.

What's that about?

But, hey, if you wanna go, that's your choice. Have good time. I'll be here waiting for the Uriah Heep/Marillion reunion double bill.

As long as Mick Box is there it counts as Uriah heap. I have counted at least 25 different people calling them Uriah heep.
This is the Demons and Wizards line-up;
David Byron – vocals
Mick Box – guitar
Ken Hensley – keyboards
Mark Clarke – bass guitar
Lee Kerslake – drums
This is their line-up today;
Mick Box - guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder - bass, vocals
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals
Phil Lanzon - keyboards, vocals
Russell Gilbrook - drums, vocals

You can see them this month, if you want to go to Germany.
I agree with you on the Michael Anthony thing completely, but wouldn't rule out going to see them on a freebee (which might be a possibility).

While Plant bums me out most of the time, I did buy the remastered greatest hits and have been listening to it on my drive and the first album and a bunch off of IV are as great as anything ever made. Dazed, good times, bad times, Babe I'm gonna leave you, when the levee breaks, etc... That is some fantastic vocal work.

As I've said before, I think the guy ran out of ideas quickly and blew his vocal chords early in the game which prevented him from recapturing what he was able to do on that first couple of albums. Lyrically, it's starts to become comical, but man, that first album...
I think I said this on the blog a couple of years ago, but when I watched the DVD set of "How the West Was Won," I was amazed at what a shitty band they would have been (in the early days) without Bonzo. Page was incredibly sloppy and long-winded and Plant was not doing much other than ripping off American blues tropes. Bonzo was so groovy, though, that they got away with it.

I'd see them, if only because Page did get his act together and wrote some monster stuff. I agree that Plant pretty much blew his voice years ago. Also, for fuck's sake, Robert, cut your fucking hair. You are 59 years old and you look like a cunt.
LOL! He does look like a sterno bum doesn't he?

I like that JP has gone silver. Maybe I should go with that look. Oh wait..,
Michael Anthony's playing with Sammy, isn't he? Trading him for David Lee Roth is 9,000 times closer to Van Halen.

I hope Spinal Tap doesn't kick out Viv. You'll be up in arms.
Zep is finally living their Middle Earth fantasy. Plant looks like Gandalf. Or one of those talking trees.

Also, "Uriah Heep" is the funniest name in all of Rock... a punchline so perfect it needs no setup.
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