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Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay, Hitler, Cheney, what's the difference really?

The NFL Axis of Evil. You did indeed call it. "Everyone will make fun of me if I where the jersey next year and TO isn't a Cowboy anymore. They'll say Hitler can't afford a new jersey...". Most awesome.

I forwarded the link with the email subject line "Ted and Pat translate German'.
Funny....I'm sure that Hitler is thrilled about Tom Petty playing half-time @ The Superbowl(I mean they represent some of the same kinds of people right?) Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, guys with one testicle, guys with 2 extra chromosomes....
Ok.Petty might not represent guys with 2 extra chromosomes, maybe one but not two. That was over the top.
And here we are back where we started.

Your bigoted views have no basis in any kind of reality, so save these type of comments for some other fantasyland based blog.
Wait a minute. I have "bigoted" views because I think that Tom Petty using the Confederate flag as an onstage backdrop is some Deliverance backwoods Klan-loving shit? Perhaps it is your blog that is fantasyland based...You gotta be shittin' me right? Do I have to dig up some Tom Petty lyrics? Hell, don't get me started on Mick Jagger up in this piece. You gonna J Edgar me again? LOL
I defy you to find a TP lyric that in any way backs up your pitifully ignorant and racist view of America's greatest songwriter. Yeah, twenty years ago he used the Confederate flag as a backdrop in his live show - didn't seem to offend the black singers and musicians on the stage. Maybe you should open that closed mind of yours to the possibility that not all white people are evil......nah, probably too much work for you.
Okay. When did I say that all white people were evil? Those black singers onstage with Petty needed to have their asses flogged for going along with that shit. Money talks I guess. My view of Petty is ignorant and racist? The song "Rebels" refers to "blue-bellied" devils burning their cornfields and such...Who were the "devils" that he was talking about? The Union army I suppose. Petty left out that his ancestors' economy was rooted in slave-labor. There are evil white people, evil Black ones and evil Latinos....I don't make universal statements (like you just did). America's greatest songwriter? That's subjective. Perhaps your mind needs some opening. How dare you say that I think all white people are evil..My dancehall crew consists of 3 White guys and 2 Black ones. I have a White drummer in my band. I surely wouldn't let some evil white guy play in my band. Is your nickname short for Andrew Jackson? Sheeesh.
Ya know Papa your subtle and veiled insinuation got you into this mess...

TP a racist? No more than Jackson and I. "Petty left out that his ancestors' economy was rooted in slave-labor." “I think that Tom Petty using the Confederate flag as an onstage backdrop is some Deliverance backwoods Klan-loving shit? Com’on man.”

If I'm not mistaken, In the biography “Conversations with Tom Petty”, Tom eludes to having American Indian lineage (his grandmother I believe), but to be honest that doesn't really matter. The flag? I hate the stars and bars for the same reason you do my man, but I won’t lie to you, I wore it on the sleeve of my jean jacket in high school not because I was looking to disrespect black people, but because at that time young kids were cooping it under the whole general youthful rebellion thing. In hindsight a naive and ignorant move perhaps, but we live and learn. The flag has retro-evolved back to representing more of how you characterize it and I think most decent Americans as me, Jackson, you, and I’m sure Tom Petty are glad to see it fade into history and removed from prominence. People say and do dumb shit sometimes, but Mick Jagger and Tom Petty racists? Not true.

The fact that you have white guys in your crew matters as much me saying I’ve got a ton of black friends. While both statements might hold truth, it MAY not necessarily represent what’s in the heart. After initially reading and predicting where your comments to this post were going, I went back and read all your comments on this blog. Two thematic trends seem to emerge: You’re convinced that Jackson or any Caucasians in general can’t possibly grasp traditionally black music of any variety, and you seem to have some desire to drive a debate into this confining corner. In either case, it seems you have little respect for Jackson’s opinions in general when it comes to something the guy spends most of his waking hours and virtually all his capital on (music).

Football is a ready made topic for a good slamfest and I enjoy giving it as I do getting it, but when it comes to music not once on this blog have you ever acknowledged Jackson’s opinion or position, nothing but ridicule. It gets exhausting and at times seems the only motive is to piss the guy off. It seems the two of you have enough in common that you’d be willing to seriously hear the guy out considering he’s pretty much dedicated his life to his two greatest loves: music and your long time friend.

I think you’d be impressed as sure as I am with the guys’ command of all things music and he might have a few perspectives you might dig as much as Jackson (and myself included) would certainly welcome your insights on such matters.

Don’t preach, teach.

Tony spells it out much better than I was attempting to, but at any rate the main thing is that you baited me - you're a baiter/hater Robbie, never a kind word - all disruptive bullshit AND YOU KNOW IT....

So it's Tom's fault he was born in Gainsville Fla?

It is a fact that the Union Army burned the south down indiscriminatly - both slave owning southerners and poor landless nobodies who were just slightly better off than the slaves felt the heat. That's what Tom was talking about. And in any case, the song you quote, like all other TP tunes does not mention race in any way.

Your so well read, but so ignorant at the same time.

I pity you.
You guys take things way too seriously. I laughed at the Hitler clip. I also took a shot at Tom Petty (because I know how much Jackson loves him). He took a shot at Yellowman (I laughed). It seems that you both have missed the point here. That flag is a piece of shit as far as I'm concerned, Jackson brought up the "Black" musicians onstage, so I brought up my crew. He attempted to legitimize Petty's "rebel" stance by saying "Hey look at the Black people onstage with him".
Tony, you wrongly assume that because I give Jackson shit, that I have no respect for his musical knowledge or his opinions. That assumption is absolutely wrong. If I had no respect for you guys, I wouldn't bother to post on this blog. Get the lumber out of your asses and understand that I do this in jest, but I mean what I say. You guys are doing lots of assuming. I won't bother to post the Mick Jagger lyrics in question (but every Black person that I know that heas read those lyrics finds them offensive). BTW, I never called either one a racist. I thought blogs and message boards were created for lively discussion. Obviously people up in here are too damned sensitive. Jackson, don't feel sorry for me brother...I pity anyone that pulls for the Jets and thinks that Tom Petty is the greatest American songwriter. We're all ignorant about a few things (and you have just as much work to do on your end bruh). You guys will never know what's in my heart and I never attempt to asssume what's in yours. Who is really bigoted here?

Tony says "Two thematic trends seem to emerge: You’re convinced that Jackson or any Caucasians in general can’t possibly grasp traditionally black music of any variety, and you seem to have some desire to drive a debate into this confining corner."

How in the blue hell did you come to this conclusion? I haven't had any in depth conversation with you on the matter. Once again, I work with SEVERAL White musicians and producers who have a vast knowledge of music across several cultural lines (that assuming will get you in trouble Tony).

You guys ought to get your boxers out of a knot. I might be a baiter, but I'm far from a hater. Jackson, you're projecting. Get a grip. I'll leave you to your Jets, Hitler and Tom Petty. Enjoy yourself man! Go Cowboys!
How come all black people like the Cowboys? .... just kidding.
Gentlemen, Clarkie.

sigh ...

beyond disappointed, on so many levels, is where I am on reading this.

I long for lively discussion.

Yet again, you bring the worst out in me Papa, but just look at the comment chain here - or anywhere - you get mean damn quick.

If you ever had anything to say that wasn't a mean-spirited swipe then I'd be a little less defensive, or as you say, I'd project less.
I apologize if I offended. I was truly just trying to add a wiseass comment on what seemed like a really heavy string. Sometimes being fasicious gets lost in the typing.
No one offend me. Over this would be too easy. Offending and Disappointing - two distinct entities. I understand facetiousness when I see or read it. I also know wit, humor and sarcasm ... which I would believe were all in some way apart of the original intent of this post.

They got lost. Days ago!

Yet Everyone Persisted.
Papa Robbie = Don Rickles
Jackson = Sean Penn
Tony = Sean Hannity
In the midst of all this, WHO THE HELL WAS DOING THE SOUND for the Fox broadcast of Petty's set. It sounded like the band was in an isolation box in Scottsdale.
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