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Saturday, January 19, 2008


I missed most of the Giants game last Sunday because I was working, but I managed to catch the most of the last quarter. It was glorious. Doubly so, because not only did the Giants win, but Dallas lost. Glee is the correct term I think.

I don't care about San Diego, except that I would love to them beat the Patriots, as I'd love to anybody beat the Patriots.

Indy? Nope, don't much care about them either.

Glad to see Seattle go by the wayside, and even better to see Bret Favre hand them the defeat. I'd like to see Green Bay do well, but alas, they must lose to the Giants on Sunday.

The Jags acquitted themselves well in their loss against the evil cheating Patriots. Maybe next year.

The Giants can, and will beat Green Bay.

San Diego will lose to New England.

After that? Well you gotta believe, don't you?

And the Superbowl will suck even more considering who is doing the half-time show....You can hate the Cowboys all you want, but it won't make the Jets any better.
No but draft picks will make the Jets better.

It will only be the best Super Bowl half time show ever, that's all. So sorry they didn't call Yellowman. Wonder why?
Perhaps the Jets need another quarterback...Yellowman would dust Tom "Redneck" Petty off onstage (and you know it). I don't expect THEM ASSES to know the greatness that is King Yellowman.
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