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Friday, January 04, 2008


Smoke and Mirrors, as an institution, is not a political entity, and does not, nor will it, endorse a political candidate. Savage Distortion will declare it's support for a Presidential candidate, but not at this time.

Having said that, Chrispy and I had the opportunity to do some work, albeit indirectly, for the Barack Obama campaign.

Our good friend and client Mano Felciano has a friend who works on the Obama campaign, and when she heard Mano perform 'Today's the Day' recently, she urged him to record it so she could play it for Obama, more specifically she wanted to play it at the victory celebration she was sure would occur earlier tonight in Iowa.

Mano booked the session with us on Tuesday, we recorded the song on Wednesday, mixed it Thursday afternoon, and it was in Iowa shortly thereafter.

Rob Machold, Dave Cavalier, and Julie Reiber lent their considerable talents, and I'm proud of what we achieved.

I'm sure Mano will post the tune shortly; I'll link to it when he does.

I bet the misenthope feels dirty right now...

Well done guys. Can we here the tune?
Everyone feels dirty after they leave Smoke and Mirrors.

I like to think our efforts put Mr. Obama over the top. I also like to think about living a happy life surrounded by monkeys trained as butlers/guitar techs.
Obama called me today and said he wanted bigger, louder guitars on the next mix. Also, if we can fit it in, a two minute guitar solo with tapping and dive bomb artificial harmonics.

No, seriously, that's what he said!

Chris is right - it is impossible to leave S & M without feeling sullied.

I actually like Obama quite a bit. I have a post up on the subject today.
See my place...
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