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Thursday, February 14, 2008


We can all trace our mitochondria back to a single woman, the 'Genetic Eve'.

We can all trace recording studio magic back to Tom Dowd.

You own, and love a Tom Dowd recording.

I recently watched Tom Dowd & the Language of Music. I was well aware of his legacy, but was still blown away by the sheer volume of contributions to popular music. I'm talking hits, and great records. There is a difference.

Good God! that's quite a list. BTW, piggy backed on your comment over at A VC on mash-ups. Quote Crispy yet again.
Happy to say that one of my best friends from college at FSU and beyond, Mark Moormann, directed, shot and produced that film. I helped a little, as it was a no budget/freeby gig & I was pretty well employed at the time. But I really enjoyed meeting Tom & watching him work. He was amazing in the studio even at the end.
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