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Sunday, February 10, 2008


A few months back a new band, Himalaya, moved in across the hall from Smoke and Mirrors. Unlike most bands that we've had as neighbors, we liked what we heard leaking out of their room.

We told them so.

We offered our services.

They took us up on it.

We tracked three songs which are now in the mixing stage.

The experience was very positive, and resulted in the band asking Chrispy to sit behind the board for thier live show at the new Luna Longe. Of course the house engineer, Shannon, was there, as well he should be, and Chrispy helped him by providing knowledge of the tunes and desired sound. It worked well although it was certainly a challenge to provide good sound in the cavernous enviroment that is the new Luna Lounge. It's a huge concrete box - the absolute worst environment for live sound. Shannon and Chrispy did what they could, and by all accounts it was a success.

I like Himalaya. I like their stuff, and I like them. Their approach to recording has been low stress and high yield.

Since they reside across the hall it was a simple matter of recording them using their own gear in an environment familiar to them.

Making the artist comfortable is a major factor in getting a good recording, and in this case it has paid off in spades.

I have a suspicion that when we finish up the three tunes, we'll start on some more.

I look forward to that.

Thanks a lot man! Great blog by the way.
Thanks Ted! We look forward as well.
So when can we see these guys live again? I'd love to check them out with a real sound man at the board.
i would have liked to come to that show. let me know the next time they play. nothing like checking out good unheard of acts in small clubs
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