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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've updated my sidebar. I added three blogs to my blogroll.

The first, Mathdude, is a new blogger. Mathdude is a longtime friend, brother of Tony Alva, and a music fan whose taste I held in high regard - until it was revealed that he is an AFI fan.

Hey, I got some questionable tastes.......Krokus anyone?

The second addition, that of D-Factor's Waved Rumor, is long overdue. As far as I know, D-Factor does not champion any totally lame bands. Time will tell......

Lastly, Newcritics, which Tony, Fred, and I contribute to from time to time.

If you have a blog and I don't have you on my sidebar, please let me know. Now that I know how to add to my blogroll and I don't have to have Tony or Hue do it for me (thanks again guys), I'm happy to do it.

Jackson the HTML Msater...

Hey Dfactor,

For some reason your blog doesn't display well in my browser. I see it for a minute and then it goes all red.

Any ideas on how to fix it. Help a fellow Starz fan out brother...
It's the blood that I'm pouring into every word...
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