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Thursday, February 28, 2008


there's also these.....

If you watch that last one and aren't absolutely floored, absolutely shocked, stunned, and agape, then you my friend need serious help.

Somebody needs to stand athwart history and yell "Stop!!"

Somebody needs to explain himself further....
I think I get it. I skipped through a few words here and there and landed on Sound and Vision, cause it's a favorite of mine. I played it for like 20 seconds and I was like... Damn, David Bowie's back up band really rocks well. I thought for a moment it was a revelation of my own... then it occurred to me that was what you were trying to say. Big smack on the head for me. Jackson is cryptic, but maybe not so much. I'll play some more now.
you talking about gail ann dorsey?

she is awesome in that last video

have you checked out any of her solo work?

btw - so glad you are back to crawling youtube for me

i watch way more youtube when you curate for me!
And the winner is.....

Yep, it's all about Gail.
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