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Monday, February 04, 2008


Hee hee hee.....

"In the beginning, good always triumphed over all man's sins......."
- Alistair Feind

Take that NFL Axis of Evil!

You know I'm not really into football, but damn that was an exciting game to watch. Fantastic plays are fantastic plays, and those were some fantastic plays.
Thank God the Giants saved us from 10 months of listening to insufferable New Englanders talking about how both the World Series champs and the Super Bowl champs were in Massachusetts this year.
My favortite moment was the last sack that Brady took - ouch.
I got home in time to see the whole glorious thing. How'bout sore loser Belacheck(sp?) hauling ass off the field before the last second clicked off. What a dick.


Only a dobro track to add to Harlon. I'm hoping to e-mail it back up to S&M by months end...
Good Eli finally made it through in the end.
I like that photo. It's like the old bull and the young bull (except Amani was never as obnoxious as Plaxico), or the changing of the guards with 27 inch waists.
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