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Monday, February 04, 2008


Tony Alva: "Jackson, rack up 'Words of Wonder', my man."

Jackson: "Uh........."

That's how is started.

How it ended was a trip to Virgin.

Faithful readers may remember my obsessive blogging on the perfect Keith mix. Well, I failed to represent properly. I left off 'Words of Wonder', a truly great reggae tune from 'Main Offender'.

It came to a head when it was disclosed that I had lost my copy of 'Main Offender', and had compiled my mix from memory.

Necessary measures had to be taken.

We had to go to Virgin.

While we were there......


Riot - 'Restless Breed'

Judas Priest - 'Stained Class'

Tony Alva:

'Timeless - A Tribute to Hank Williams'

New York Dolls - 'New York Dolls'

Some things just have to be done.

You tricked me... You stuck those Keith songs on my Harlan disk and I haven't been able to take it out of player to fully listen to the Hank tribute yet. That Cocaine song is amazing and today I will be singing You Got the Silver all day long for the second straight day.

Man, I might have to work up a version of that...
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