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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tony's recent post brought on some waxing of the old nostalgic. I've owned a number of skateboards, but the absolute best, coolest, most excellent skate ever assembled was the Bones deck that somehow fell into my hands.

Ray Rodriguez

It had originally been owned by Tony Alva (ours, not the other actual Alva), but I think it passed through Mr. L Smart before I got a hold of it. In fact, I think it was Mr. L Smart who put the Kryptonic 70mm Red's on it.

I think I put the Indy 169's on it. I never used anything else.

That was the best skate ever. I broke it, snapped it in half upon an attempted invert landing. The only fitting death for such as the Bones deck.

That was a great skate! I'm sure I sold it to Mr. Smart for weed money.

Although the Bones deck was a good one, my Dogtown Jim Muir is the one that I think of most when I reminisce. It was the first one I earned the money for from working (busking sodas at the football games) with no help from my folks. I rode that thing everywhere and got many good years out of it. It was a work of art, curb scrapes, nose dents, and all.
Yeah, I broke my best board doing an Ollie 900 when I landed! I calling you Jackson on your account on your board's death. First you claim credit for exposing the skateboard gang to the Scorpions, and now this. Next you'll say you were the first to listen to Rose Tatoo!
Well, as for the death of the Bones deck, no one was around to witness it, you'll have to take my word. I will say that I most likely would not have landed the invert in any case.

In fact, yes, I was the first to own a Rose Tattoo record. It came in the 10 records for a buck grab bag deal at Nuggets in Boston in 1980.

I may have been mistaken about the Scorpions, but one must remember what I was like in those days. I was obsessed with discovering new bands.

I also invented the internet.
There is no doubt in my mind that you were the first WP'er to drop a needle on Rose Tattoo and thank god you did. RT is an awesome band that deserved greater success. Since I was a late comeer to RT, I kind of remember them coming along when hard rock was morphing into hairmetal. RT would NEVER have gone that route.
They went the other way, No Hair Metal.
Weed... As if.
Actually, I do not remember ever owning that deck..
(too much weed, perhaps)
I had an Andrecht, a Brad Bowman, and that old Alva deck that Mike bought. I still have the Alva deck and a Dogtown that I got in the early 90's somewhere. The others are all (still) supporting my enormous weed habit.
I had a Brad Bowman skate too. It had magnesium yellow Tracker trucks that I used with the standard base plates. I think it had the lime green Bones wheels on it too. The Bowman deck broke jumping the chain that stretched across the road by the clock tower after you crossed the plain. It's breaking prompted the purchase of the purple Ray Bones deck as a replacement.

I was certain that I sold that whole skate or some of the parts to you Milkyum didn't I? It would have been for weed or beer money at that time I think...
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check this out... Jackson you had a Lamar, no?

Look at this too.. They have that bones deck 0 bids, $40..
Wow. I don't miss the Lamar. It was my first deck, but I much preferred the Bones deck. Mayhap I'll get a new Bones deck. My current deck, 'The Bullet', a Snata Cruz model from 85, doesn't get much use, but the Bones deck, hell, that's art.
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