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Thursday, March 06, 2008


A while back Stinkrock blogged about movie characters he'd like to be. I commented that I'd like to be Harry Dean Stanton in Repo Man, but I've since reconsidered, and it's gotta be Bill Blazejowski, Michael Keaton's brilliant debut performance in Night shift.

What happened?

He was good in 'Mr. Mom', as well as 'Gung Ho', although he played pretty much the same character.

Then came 'Beetlejuice', and with his over the top and forced delivery came enormous praise, fame, and a complete 180.

Mike wanted to be taken seriously as an actor I guess. What a shame.

Nothing Michael Keaton has done since Night shift comes anywhere near that watermark.

Bill Blazejowski, simply put, cannot be topped.

Ironically, the funniest line in the movie was not his.

"Barney Rubble, what an actor!" was delivered by Bobby Di Cicco as 'Leonard'.

"Chuck you bought a cemetary? You might want to get your money back, this one's full..."
"You like music?......."
Alright, let's break down "Prostitution". OK, "pros", you guys are pros, "tion" as in "shun" your body. Hmm, that one doesn't belong..."
New idea for tunafish: Feed mayonnaise directly to the tuna

Oh, how I loved that film...

"...to shun, to push away, to say; no, I don't want any...."
Call Starkist....
great call. adding to my netflix account so the kids can see this one.
"This is Chuck reminding Bill to SHUT UP!"
Mrs. Alva
So with you on the Keaton AND the best line.
Dude, you gotta post another blog! This ones like 3 weeks old! What are ya, workin' or somethin'?
Just the opposite. When I'm working, the blogs flow like beer.
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