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Saturday, March 22, 2008


George finished a project. No, it's true, really. All kidding aside, ViaSkyway's new release, Voyager Suite, is not only done, but it's here, and the video is here.

I had very little to do with this project. I aimed some mics at some drums. Most likely I pressed the record button a goodly number of times. I know I listened to it in various stages of completion. I probably had a few 'notes' which probably elicited very little response. George is generous in his handing out credit, but this one is all him regardless of who played what.

The Voyager Suite is George's response to the 'Golden Record' that got shot off into space on the Voyager and will carry a sampling of Earth culture so as to hip the spacemen who find it to our demeanour. I think there's a Chuck Berry tune on it, and that's cool. Anyway, George, in his infinite wisdom, actually came up with a message for them. A proactive request. Imagine that, instead of shooting up a rocket filled with a time capsule, why not actually engage the little green men in some meaningful dialog?

George asked them to send us the plans. Help us figure out space travel, because, after all, "by the time you get this, we'll all be dead."


ted, you gotta send me the record

i want to blog this and get him some listeners

might even be able to get other music bloggers into it

I have a disc, I gotta rip and convert to aac, then I'll send 'em over, but you can get it at the Myspace site I linked to.
The Voyager record always reminds me of an old Weekend Update on SNL where Dan Akroyd announces that we have received our first response from aliens:

"Send more Chuck Berry."
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