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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Bush's handling (causing?) of our current 'economic downturn' has brought his approval rating to an all time low.

The Brits would have held the competency vote years ago and gotten rid of an ass like this.

Who voted for this guy....twice?

Rhetorical question, don't worry, I'm not going to out you guys, at least not until after the Iron Maiden show.

You can be friends and hang out with republicans. You just have to accept that later on they'll get down to war mongering and oppressing the poor behind your liberal back.

Yes, I would like a bandage for my bleeding heart, thank you.

AP WASHINGTON - Congress' approval fell to just 22 percent, equaling its poorest grade in the survey. Both marks dropped by 4 percentage points since early January.

That sting you're feeling is the Audacity of Hope.

See ya at the Maiden show:-)
Yeah, I saw that too, of course it doesn't fit my propaganda profile.

I'm fed up with all of 'em.

Yep, you guessed it.....hmmmm, maybe German this time:

Weg von mit ihren Köpfen!
Couldn't agree more. Based on my extensive UM German language training I'm assuming that says, "Off with their heads!"
You assume correctly meine herren.
As I like to say, "Buch dich und greif deine Fussgelenke!"
Babel Fish comes up with 'book you and grab your foot joints'

German is funny...
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