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Monday, April 21, 2008


For years the best Allman Brothers cover band, The Allman Brother's Band, has played a week of shows at the Beacon Theater in March. Throngs of aging hippies, bikers, and loose women have descended upon the upper west side each March to get blind drunk and witness these over rated geezers play all the old great songs for twenty minutes at a stretch, performing for three hours a night.

It has become a tradition.

It seems, however, that it may have come to an end.

First the Allmans (the Allman) postponed the gigs until the fall, and now they have cancelled them due to Greg's battle with Hep C.

Hepatitis C seems to be the enduring legacy of Rock excess. While many Rock legends have died from overdoses, many more who thought they had avoided penalty for their habits have found they only postponed final payment.

I certainly don't wish illness upon anyone, but you do get what you pay for. Maybe if Greg hadn't been such a dick all his life I'd have more sympathy.

He should have eaten more peaches and shot less smack.

The "cure" for Hep-C is 48 weeks of Interferon, a drug with chemo-type and level of side affects. The G-Train took it DURING HER FIRST YEAR OF PHARMACY SCHOOL. She's way tougher than me!
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