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Friday, April 25, 2008


I don't know exactly why I love this so much (I'm only talking about the first tune). I was watching the Last Waltz (yet again) with the Legal Diva a few nights back, and after, for days, I was singing this song in my head, and other places as well.

It's not the subject matter. I want nothing to do with religion.

You see, I lie. I know exactly what I love about it. It's impromptu, but obviously they have played it many times before. They're also very visibly wasted, but nobody drops the ball.

I love how they let Rick lead the turnaround. I love Rick's foot stomping during the turnaround.

I love Rick's fiddle playing. If you don't put it under your chin, your playing fiddle.

.....and they're Canadians......

everything about it is good, EXCEPT they are Canadian.
Hang on a minute, what's wrong with our northern neighbors?
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