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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We'll see how they do in the Olympics, but China is competing at every level of society, and coming out on top. They have been number one in population for some time, currently boasting 1.3 billion people. Recently China has scored some additional first place ribbons.

China is now the top polluting nation.

And today they took the top spot in executions.

You go, you emerging superpower you!

off with their heads!
That's a lot of heads.
"In Iran, for example, a father of two was stoned to death for adultery. An Egyptian national was beheaded in Saudi Arabia for practicing sorcery. And a factory manager in North Korea was shot by a firing squad because he appointed his children as managers and made international phone calls."

I can't remember what your position is on the death penalty, but for raping kids (and a handful of other things) I think it's in order. The earth is just a better place to live without people who rape kids in it, and yes, I think my life, and the lives of all other persons who do not rape kids is a higher priority than an individual who does partake in such wickedness. I beleive that their are crimes henious enough to which there is no moral ambiguity which putting someone to death is judiciously sound.

Of course, reasonable doubt is the counterweight. I say, "If the DNA is matched, the head must be detached".

BTW, Wouldn't offing their heads be administering the death penalty for polluting? Or, wouldn't it be offing their heads for offing heads?

What's the difference between golf and miniature golf?
I'm an eye for an eye guy, certainly proof beyond reasonable doubt must be determined.

Raping kids? Well, I'd accept the death penalty, but I'd like to see some torture involved prior to the decapitation.

Public execution, that's the key.

Hey, I'm all for the knocking off of all kinds of degenerates, politicians, CEOs, religious zealots, you name it; off with their heads!
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