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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


"Pennington, with a career 65.6 percent passing accuracy, is the most accurate QB in NFL history."

And that is after the disaster that was last season wherein the Jets fielded a team without an offensive line.

Chad is the man. He's taken the Jets to the post season several times, and he's a good guy to boot.

Sure I want the jersey Tony got me to stay relevant, but it goes deeper, I want the team to win, and I'm not sure Clemens is the man. Maybe he's the 3rd and really, really long man, but my advice to Mangini is put Chad back in as the starter at the top of the season before resorting to Clemens.

Jackson is always right when it comes to the Jets.

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You know ole Chirs Chandler was knocked around quite a bit before Atlanta got an O line and ended up braking the NFL record for concusions. A battered and bruised Chandler then took the Birds to their only Super Bowl.

I like Chad too. I like that he went to Marshall. I like that he motivates and leads. I think he'll get the starting roll in the fall no sweat.
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