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Friday, April 11, 2008


Hue has laid of his GOTW posts, so I figured I'd fill in until he resumes posting.

This week's beauty is the 1960 Gibson Special Double Cutaway. I was watching 'Four Flicks', the Rolling Stones DVD collection of their 2002 tour and Keith had one of these babies, tuned to 'G' of course.

I gives splendid warm tones which can be heard here.

I think this is my all time favorite guitar.

I know Tony is crying to the heavens, "he hath forsaken the Almighty Telecaster!"

Well, no, not really. The two are so similar, about as similar as a Gibson and a Fender can get. Nice hunks o' wood, not too many knobs, single coil pick-ups......

I think what I love about it is it's simple beauty. She's gorgeous, ain't she?

P-90s are the King of All Pickups. There is no question of that.
I know your love for the Tele runs deep, and am sure that if you were on the Titanic sinking and could only take one with you, you'd take the Tele since it's a bigger chuck o' wood.

I actaully love that guitar. Like the Tele it's the simplicity that makes it sound so good. I love the audio clip on the website. Sounds like "Down at the Balinese" off the 'Fandango!' record.
did you ever get the email of the guitar my friend doug has hanging on the wall of his office. the pickups on that thing are crazy.
I did get that, but I couldn't figure out who sent it. I'm sure it's a nice guitar, but it's got way too much going on for my taste.
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