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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Tom Petty just released an album he recently made with his old band Mudcrutch. Not surprisingly it sounds like The Heartbreakers. As if that could in anyway be a bad thing. Considering Benmont and Mike were/are in Mudcrutch it is also no surprise that the record sounds like the The Heartbreakers. I've heard the single 'Scare Easy' on the radio. Again, not surprisingly it's fantastic.

They are touring.

Tom just can't keep still.


My wife and I already have our tickets for Tom with special guest Steve Windwood for July 23rd at the Minneapolis Target Center - I can hardly contain myself!
I guess Steve is back in the highlife again. I've heard the new single w/ Clapton. Not surprisingly it sounds like the lost Blind faith track, except it's much better recorded.
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