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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Gas prices are rising driving food prices with it.

People are fucked all over by the mortgage fiasco.

The US owes China trillions of dollars.

American soldiers die each day for a lie.

Iran will have the bomb soon.

Hillary and Obama are going to beat each other into a McCain presidency.

How can one stay positive?

Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery


Tulcingo del Valle Restaurant

Tacos of Chorizo & Potato and of Pig Skin & Green Sauce

My thanks to Soundbites for the tip-off.

You are torturing me and it's not nice!
I headed over there now, gonna git me some, oh hells yeah!
Just got back. Well worth the 1/2 hour walk there and back. I need a nap now.
Did you hit Tehuitzingo or Tulcingo del Valle?

And what did you get?
Tehitzingo, and I has a carne enchilada taco, and a pollo taco. I'm gonna go with something a little more daring today.
Christ, that is some good looking food.
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