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Tuesday, April 08, 2008



In anticipation of the impending Maiden show - thanks Misanthrope - I spent some time perusing the Iron Maiden selections at YouTube. I know they'll play this one.

That alone will be worth it.

While we're at it, it looks like this guy will be touring this summer with the same line up that he made his 1980 self titled solo debut LP with. The fun really begins about 3:20 into the tune. Any takers?


While we're at it, his old band UFO are touring, and they'll be at B.B. Kings and The Chance next week, alas without Pete Way, as Pete can't get no (sing along) working visa. I'd be glad to attend if there's interest.


That rocks so fucking hard not much compares...
I'd be up for UFO, but I'm not in the area. Can Schenker really bounce back from his addictions? That's a big question!
Well he's bounced back about twenty times since the late seventies. His most recent slip, he claims, was the result of bad managment.

Isn't it always?
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