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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Many of you know that Tony is an audio engineer and record producer, what you may not know is that after producing Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', he decided that only he had the vision to direct the video. Upon delivery of the video, the record company quietly asked Tony to never, ever do that again.

So it wasn't until ten years alter that Tony would direct another video. After that he had to sign a legal document preventing him from directing further music videos.

Well, when they played me the song, in my mind I immediately envisioned helicopters, motorcycles, and bone yards. Then it was just a point of mashing it all up and making it suck for over seven minutes. I’ve never attempted to make something that sucks for that long before and it was quite the challenge, but once Meatloaf insisted on being in it, and well, the tune itself made it a walk in the park. I’m glad you like it, it's the piece I'm most proud of.
I always thought the magic started when he did this.
Wasn't the use of mob cement a cenral part of that project?
Ah, 'We Built This City', almost forgot about that one…

That was a think piece I did about a washed up hippy bands' struggle for legitimacy during the MTV era. The song moved me in such powerful ways that I felt compelled to give the band and the music visceral images that would draw viewers into this magically, mystical city actually built on rock and roll.

I think I nailed it pretty well.

You are correct. The shoot budget was in fact immense due to the fact that I was forced to use mob cement.
Tony, I always thought "We Built This City" was more of a nativist tract, referencing the Puritans' desire to build a "city on a hill" that would be a beacon to all the world.

Typically for a racist, jingoist band like Starship, the message was anti-immigrant. The working title to the song was "We Built This City, PABLO, And You Should Speak English Here."
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