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Friday, May 16, 2008


By voting down a recent war funding bill, the GOP has proven their disdain for our nations servicemen and servicewomen. Though a measure that would grant full scholarships to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was passed, it did not meet the two-thirds requirement to escape Bush's promised veto.

He hates them.

Is it January yet?

Hilarious that people seem to think that fascism is a phenomenon of the right.

Guess again, kids. Fascism is solidly out of the left side of the political spectrum.
That just points out how confused this administation is.
The birth of Fascism did come out of the european socialist left, but.....

"Fascism is a government, faction, movement, or political philosophy that raises nationalism, and frequently race, above the individual and is characterized by a centralized autocratic state governed by a dictatorial head, stringent organization of the economy and society, and aggressive repression of opposition."

Sounds eerily familiar, don't it?
Yes, it does sound almost exactly like every Communist regime that has ever come into being on the planet. Once again, proof of the leftist wellspring from which Fascism sprang.
Methinks the lady doth protest too much...
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