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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Recent activities in Israel have convinced Jackson that he was right way back when he claimed that we should simply bomb the shit out of the entire region, starting with Jerusalem, and not stop until everybody is dead or relocated to a sensible place of residence.

It is obvious that the place attracts violence and intolerance, and I can not tolerate it any longer, to point where I am advocating violence.

See? It's made me all fucked up in the head.

Hey, I'm no Jesus freak, I can't fucking stand Jesus freaks, but book burning, regardless of the text, well, let's just say a line had been crossed.

The whole fucking place - all of 'em. Blown the fuck up. Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia - the whole god damned place - wiped off the map.

I'm sick of it.

If you can't play nice, no playing at all.

Isn't that what you say is Bush's policy?
No way man, not at all.

Bush wants to prop up the other rotting corpse, not McCain, but Israel, and continue wasting American lives in a land war to secure oil deposits and propagate war profiteering by his cronies.

Jackson says nuke the whole lot of 'em, from the West bank to the border of India.
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed, did we?
Something like that, but I stand by my 'Nuke 'em Johnny' policy.
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