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Monday, May 05, 2008


On my way to meet my brothers and my nephew, with whom I was attending a Yankee game, I stopped at Generation Records for a vinyl fix.

The Haul:

Bruce Springsteen - 'The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle'.

The Boss' second record, it features 'Rosalita', and '4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)' among other compositions typical of the early Bruce period, the period Jackson prefers.

The Time - 'Ice Cream Castle'

Considering Jimmy Jam (keys) and Terry Lewis (bass) would go on to dominate popular dance music production for the better part of the following two decades, it is no wonder that this album spanks the way it do. 'Ice Cream Castle' contains the songs featured in 'Purple Rain', 'Jungle Love' and 'The Bird'. I know this record will get favorable reactions during parties.

The Damned - 'Damned, Damned, Damned'

'Damned, Damned, Damned' is notable not only for it's ass kicking tunes, like 'Neat Neat Neat' and 'New Rose', it is also the first LP released by an English punk band. It hit the stores on February 25, 1977, eight months prior to 'Never Mind the Bollocks'. Produced by Nick Lowe, 'Damned, Damned, Damned' set the bar for Anglo-Punk.

Robert Cray - 'Strong Persuader'

This record was a big hit in 1987, at least as big of a hit as a blues LP could be. On the strength of the singles 'Smoking Gun' and 'Right Next Door (Because of Me)' Robert Cray became the darling of the then re-surging blues scene. 'Right Next Door (Because of Me)' is just about the greatest composition to emerge from the post 60's American Blues.

J. Geils Band - 'Sanctuary'

Prior to 'Freeze Frame' J. Geils Band was a dependable source of bar room style party rock. Nothing groundbreaking, but always satisfying, J. Geils released a stream of records throughout the 70's. 'Sanctuary' came out in 1978, just prior to their first big hit - 1980's 'Love Stinks'.

Jeff Beck - 'Jeff Beck Group'

Half way between his solo debut, the blues based Rod Stewart fronted 'Truth', and the jazz influenced Jan Hamer 'Blow by Blow' era, 'Jeff Beck Group' is a solid guitar rock offering. While there are no standout tracks, the record features Beck's standout lead work. Miles ahead of his contemporaries, Beck is on top of his game on 'Jeff Beck Group'.

Duran Duran - 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger'

Jackson gives credit where it is due. It's hard not to give the Durans props for sticking it out all these years. Certainly they have lasted long enough to live down their image-centric video band vibe of their prime. It's also hard, in retrospect, not to give them credit for churning out some very well crafted pop tunes. 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' was the bands third LP, and the height of their success.

Cyndi Lauper - 'She's So Unusual'

Certainly, at the time, she was very unusual. This record needs no hype from me, it speaks for itself - absolutely undeniable pop.

Ten Years After - 'Recorded Live'

It is what is says. An excellent example of a blues based hard rock band of the early 70's model. No hits, just rockin' tunes, and Alvin Lee's impressive guitar work. Ten Years After defined the term 'jam band' decades before the term was coined.

Rockpile - 'Seconds of Pleasure'

Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds shared a backing band. They made a 'band' record in 1980. Devoid of any hits, as Nick and Dave saved them for their own records, 'Seconds of Pleasure' still manges to live up to it's name. It's only rock and roll, and I like it.

Stevie Wonder - 'Innervisions'

Again, there's not much Jackson can say here. Stevie was on a roll in the early seventies, and this 1973 release helped cement his revered spot in the pantheon of Rock genius. 'Higher Ground' alone would canonize any artist.

Funkadelic - 'Free Your Mind...And Your Ass Will Follow'

God bless George Clinton. Not content to release genre defining funk records with as Parliament, George and the gang gave us mind blowing freak rock records under the moniker Funkadelic. Suffice to say; the next time I get a hold of any psychedelic drugs, I know what I'm putting on the turntable.

The Cure - 'Pornography'

Easily my favorite Cure record, 1982's 'Pornography' dishes up the gloom and doom replete with lush production and wrist slashing conviction.

Barry White - 'I've Got So Much to Give' and 'Let the Music Play'

She said we need some Barry. Shit, who doesn't? She was right, of course.

this has nothing to do with your most excellent vinyl haul, some of which i was treated to yesterday in bushwick, but this is for you and tony alva

Closing chords of Incident into Rosalita, slays me every time.
Good haul... Not sure I'd have pulled the 80's MTV stuff, but the rest is quite a find. Let me know how the rest of that J. Geils is. I'm a huge fan of Monkey Island. Saw that tour when Starz opened for them at Ike Hall.

I can't believe I don't own Strong Persuader. Probably because it was on continuous loop at Benny Havens when we were spokespersons for the establishment and didn't need to own it.

The Ten Years After record could have white noise on it's grooves and STILL be cool for simply having multitrack tape machines on the cover. Nothing is cooler than multitrack tape machines.
I think Andy Jackson would appove of the $20 bills redesign...
Dude, Cyndi Lauper? Duran Duran? We gotta talk. I have the 10 Years After album, though. Still, dude...
Sweet Pull - I was just playing my Rockpile LP over the weekend! As well as New Day Rising...
Mathdude, you have zero space to talk. Three letters: AFI, or is it ATV, or CNN......plus, you not only watch American Idol, you publicize the fact.
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