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Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've updated the Jackson Myspace page with three songs.

Virginia - From the still unreleased 'Stoned Again' EP (2007).

Pop Tart - A fun little ditty from the old Happy Boy days (2001).

Sometimes the Dark - A live cut from the Sex Circus Star debut at CBGB (1997)

totally diggin the power of rock n roll

think i'll download it and make it my song of the tomorow
The Power of Rock and Roll is always the song of tomorrow.
Was that Cb's gig really seven years ago?
Do you have the rest of the show somewhere?
I have most of it at least, Wash, Garbageman, Peace Ck, Song for a Girl....that might be it. I'll send 'em to ya.
...and, no, it was ten years ago....
i like the pictures...'specially "Pop Tart"
The photo is courtesy of Ken Weingold.
Great tunes. Well done.
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