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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Jackson begrudgingly accepts that something must be done to alleviate the sky-rocketing cost of gas. Tony has repeatedly called for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. I say limited and temporary drilling should resume in Alaska, BUT, it should be overseen by ecologists to ensure that the least harm is done to the ecosystem.

The Gulf is out, we need the shrimp buddy.

Also, just for the record, these efforts would be enacted not so folks can go joyriding around in SUVs, but to bring down the cost of gas which will result in a levelling off of the also sky-rocketing price of food.

In addition, oil companies should be forced to comply with a congressional oversight to ensure the investing of their ridiculous profits into alternative energy sources, like this guy.

"...it should be overseen by ecologists to ensure that the least harm is done to the ecosystem."

Entirely reasonable request. Don't worry, the day of the big honking SUV is over.

Next, we need to build 4,000 nuke plants starting tomorrow that will make electricity a viable, affordable, and clean alternative to gas. I've come to the dark side on this energy independance thing, and see two strong solutions that can be implemented if we stop living in fear and make the hard choices. Use the domestic oil to buy time to build the nuke plants. Done.

Drill Alaska, Gulf, and anywhere else and go nuke, then let the ME turn into Mad Max land.

Don't sweat the scrimps, we farm far more than we pull out of the ocean nowadays.
Fuck drilling. I just bought a car that runs on vegetable oil. Fossil fuel is this countries biggest sham. The big 100-year joke on the American public. Take 5% of of the defense budget and divert it to alternative tech R&D. We need a leader who won't bend over for Big Oil. Jackson for President. Get back in the race!
I meant "country's" , not "countries"
High gas prices are the best thing for this world.

These high prices are the only thing that are making it reasonable for other forms of sustainable energy to be developed. If oil was at $30 a barrel and gas closer to a dollar we would never get off the stuff.

If we never got off the stuff we would drown ourselves, literally.
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