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Saturday, May 31, 2008


These posts seem to go down well with plenty of comment action; so here goes:

Top Ten B.O.C. Tunes

1) And Then Came the Last Days of May

2) Flaming Telepaths

3) The Golden Age of Leather

4) Cities On Flame

5) The Red and the Black

6) Heavy Metal (Black and Silver)

7) Joan Crawford

8) E.T.I.

9) This Ain't the Summer of Love

10) Transmaniacon MC

Top Ten Ramones Tunes

1) Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think of You

2) I Wanna Be Well

3) It's A Long Way Back To Germany

4) Wart Hog

5) The KKK Took My Baby Away

6) Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World

7) Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

8) Psychotherapy

9) It's Not My Place (In the 9 to 5 World)

10) I Just Wanna Have Something To Do

Top Ten Neil Young LPs

1) Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere

2) After the Gold Rush

3) On the Beach

4) Rust Never Sleeps

5) Tonight's the Night

6) Harvest

7) Zuma

8) Harvest Moon

9) Freedom

10) Comes a Time

Top Ten Alice Cooper LPs

1) Billion Dollar Babies

2) Killer

3) School's Out

4) Goes to Hell

5) Welcome to My Nightmare

6) Love It to Death

7) Flush the Fashion

8) From the Inside

9) Special Forces

10) Zipper Catches Skin

Top Ten Kiss Songs

1) Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll

2) She

3) Goin' Blind

4) Watchin' You

5) Deuce

6) God of Thunder

7) Detroit Rock City

8) Larger Than Life

9) Almost Human

10) Sweet Pain

(Note: cover tunes don't count, if they did, Ace's fantastic '2,000 Man' would make the list)

Top Ten Motorhead Tunes

1) Ace of Spades

2) Iron Horse/Born to Lose

3) The Chase Is Better Than the Catch

4) Capricorn

5) Metropolis

6) One Track Mind

7) Dead Men Tell No Tales

8) Stone Dead Forever

9) Bite the Bullet

10) Shoot You in the Back

Ok well you ruined my weekend having to digest, enjoy and comment on all this. These are all great lists with great choices. But I will start with:

1. A Ramones top 10 is superfluous they are all the same songs - all awesome, mind you, but it's one song done 1,000 times

2. Comes a Time really needs to be higher up on the list, I would say much much closer to #1. And what about Time Fades Away?

3. Kiss: inspired choice of She at #2. But where o where is Cold Gin or Strutter or Shout It Out Loud. Or Hard Luck Woman. As I type this I realize a top 10 for Kiss may be too hard. I'm going to wake up family right now with Alive II ("you wanted the best" - god that intro was the soundtrack of my adolescence).

4. I happened to do a top 5 songs about NY yesterday http://is.gd/ody



Welcome. You have done two things right, thusly incurring favor, not wrath. You did not comment anonymously, and you provoded a link to your post.


Now, about your comments....

1) I disagree. While many Ramones songs share a certain sonic allignment, it is quite untrue that all the songs are the same. Certainly the lyrical element sets them apart. Take my #1 for an example. 'Every Time I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You' is one the all time great titles, and..

'She had a very a very bad affair with some cat from hiroshima
She turned into a head of lettuce, she eats thorazine in her farina'

Well, c'mon dude...

2) I favor the roughshod Crazy Horse Neil.
Sorry Andy, had to jump ship momentarily.


#3) Those are great songs, but I'm kinda over the hits, mostly...

#4) No Lou Reed on the list? Shattered?

1. Point well taken. I hadn't had coffee yet. I retract.

2. One of the things about Neil that is interesting is their is the roughshod Neil, and there is Ontorio country Neil.

3. First time I ever heard Cold Gin called a hit ;-)

4. Well, there is a lot to choose from. I kind of felt Lou Reed would have been too easy, I mean he is New York personified in a way, so I figured a lyric drop about 125th street caught me some cred there. Shattered really should be on the list, maybe even #1, I think I am saving it for another Top X list however.
I'm not an expert on any of these bands, but my two favorite Neil Young records are 'Everyone Knows...' and 'On The Beach'. 'Harvest' is third.
Come to think of it, I need more Neil Young.

Do you have a Sabbath list?
Yep, there's a Top Ten Sabbath song list:

How does "We Are the Road Crew" not make your list? And I also really liked "Killed By Death". Most of your Ramones Top 10 were in my Top 25 I did eons ago. I can't find anything glaringly wrong.
So many things to get to:

1) Is that the Andy Weissman from Trinity? Because that would just be too fucking weird.
2) That B.O.C. photo may be the gayest thing I have ever seen in a rock band photo.
3) No, seriously, what the heck are they doing in that photo? Is that like crossing swords?
4) Gotta put "Powderfinger" in any Neil Young Top Ten. In my book, it's numbers 1, 2 and 3.
'Powderfinger' is a song, these are LPs.
I know that...now.
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