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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Mathdude has a post up that, among other things, lists the places he's lived and the jobs he's had.

Here goes.

Places Lived:
1) Pirmasens, W. Germany
2) Ulm, W. Germany
3) Frankfurt, W. Germany
4) Bethesda, MD
5) Chevy Chase, MD
6) Carlisle, PA
7) Bethlehem, PA
8) West Point, NY
9) Heidelberg, W. Germany
10) College Park, MD (campus)
12) Bethesda, MD (different location, 18 years later)
13) College Park, MD (off campus)
14) Fairfield, CT
15) Fairfield, CT (different apt., eight months later)
16) Stamford, CT
17) Brewster, NY
18) West Nyack, NY
19) Nyack, NY
20) Congers, NY
21) West Nyack, NY (different apt., one year later)
22) Highland Falls, NY
23) Woodcliff Lake, NJ
24) Albany, NY (Lark St)
25) Albany, NY (Ontario St)
26) Park Slope, Brooklyn
27) Inwood, Manhattan
28) South Street Seaport, Manhattan
29) Nyack, NY (different apt., 10 years later)
30) Williamsburg, Brooklyn
31) Bushwick, Brooklyn
32) Bushwick, Brooklyn (different apt., 2 years later)


1) Grocery Bagger - West Point Commissary
2) Dishwasher - Thayer Hotel
3) Envelope Stuffer - some book printer in Highland Falls.
4) Seller of useless crap - West Point Visitors Information Center
5) Dishwasher - University of Maryland, Cumberland Dorm Cafeteria. First job I quit without notice. Too busy doing bong hits one day.
6) Distributor of Controlled Substance. I tried to sell pot. I sucked at it. I was way paranoid, and far too fond of my product. After trying to turn around the first ounce, most of which my friends and I smoked, I punted the idea. Proud to say I've been strictly a consumer ever since.
7) Maintenance Man - Holiday Inn, Ocean City, MD
8) McDonald's Schmuck - Ocean City, MD
9) Linen Washer - Sheraton, Ocean City, MD
10) Candy Store Clerk - Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD
11) Movie Theater Ticket Seller - Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD
12) Projectionist - Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD
13) Projectionist - 70mm house, Washington, DC
14) Pizza Delivery - Pizza Man, College Park, MD
15) Day Laborer - Washington, DC
16) House Painter - Bob Weitz (contractor), Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY
17) Security System Installation Technician - SSI (company), Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY
18) Milkman - Muller Dairy, Rockland County, NY. Best job ever, if you discount the very low pay.
19) Grocery Store Checkout Clerk - Pathmark, Nanuet, NY
20) Grocery Store Stock Clerk - Pathmark, Nanuet, NY
21) Sheetrock Flipper - U.S. Gypsum, Stony Point, NY
22) Glass Cuter - some picture frame shop in Spring Valley, NY
23) Waiter - Bennigan's, New City, NY
24) Line Cook - Margarita's, Albany, NY
25) Waiter - Caliente Cab Co., Manhattan, NY
26) Restaurant Manager - Caliente Cab Co., Manhattan, NY
27) Bartender - Burrito Bar, Manhattan, NY
28) Bartender - Tortilla Flats, Manhattan, NY
29) Office Temp - Manhattan, NY
30) Waiter - Pizzaria Uno, Manhattan, NY
31) Audio Engineer - Pseudo Inc., Manhattan, NY
32) Audio Engineer - Spiral, Manhattan, NY
33) Audio Engineer - Continental, Manhattan, NY
34) Waiter - Hard Rock Cafe, Manhattan, NY
35) Custom CD Manufacturer - CDuctive.com, Manhattan, NY
36) Line Cook - Bruxelle's, Nyack, NY
37) Audio Engineer - Smoke and Mirrors, Brooklyn, NY
38) Production Assistant - MJM Creative Services, Manhattan, NY
39) Production Coordinator - MJM Creative Services, Manhattan, NY
40) Talent Coordinator - Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, NY

I forgot the milkman gig...cool truck.
holy shit.

that's what called a Curriculum Vitae!

on a completely unrelated thing, check out Neil Young on stage at the Java One event earlier this week. it's on my blog today
Were you, like me, kinda blown away by what a complete wondering nomad you/we are when it's all said and done? I can't even say, I'm any closer to having my last job right now than I've ever been.
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