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Saturday, May 31, 2008


The first band I was in was called Platinum Dragon. We formed in early 1981 and played mostly cover versions of classic Hard Rock tunes. I was the singer, but I really didn't do much singing. I could never remember the lyrics, so I'd improvise silly shit and spaz out. One of the two guitar players in that band was my good friend Bill Devine. Bill and I got on well musically, dug the same stuff, and basically lived for music.

Twenty-seven years later, yup, twenty-seven, I am afforded a chance to bring it 'round full circle. Through the magic of the new technology Bill is going to play lead guitar on two songs that will appear on the soon to be released all instrumental Jackson record, 'What About It?'.

"So where's the magic?", you say. He's in California and I'm in New York. I send him a file, he records his part, and he sends me that file.

There's something very satisfying about making music with Bill again after such a long time.

There will be three other guest guitar players on the record: Lance McVickar from The Horse You Rode In On, Dave Cavalier formerly of Microdot, and Dan Sweeny who may or may not still be associated with Acquiesce.

Those gentlemen will come to Smoke and Mirrors to lay down their tracks, and you can bet there will be mirth and merriment.

I'm so excited.

when do the trombone parts go down?
That's an interesting notion. Let me chew on that for a bit and get back to you.
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