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Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm off the cow. Not because I don't like the delicious fruit of the steer, but because beef culture is a huge part of our current gas/food crisis.

To raise, slaughter, and ship beef requires a huge amount of resources, vastly much more than chicken, pork, lamb, goat, snake, deer, woodchuck, possum.......

There's plenty o' meat out there. If we all simply cut back on beef consumption it would make a difference.

Sure, the ranchers won't like it, but that land could be used for growing grain, not to mention solar and wind power.

Make that change.....

True that! Can't go wrong with pork--"The only white meat".
Can't endorse this. And I have serious doubts that it's a "a huge part of our current gas/food crisis."

We are already paying huge amounts of tax dollars to farmers to NOT grow grain and if you think it doesn't take huge amounts of resources to bring chicken to market you only need to take a ride to one of the farms north of here to see the truth.

Solar, wind (although it's a terrible generator), nuke, I'm all for it. Don't eat cow if you choose, but me I'm going downstairs for a little blackened ribeye right now...
You just don't know waht your talking about on this account my friend.

The facts are out there, see for yourself.

The cost in bringing beef to market dwarfs that of chicken and pork combined.

Paying farmers not to grow grain is just plain stupid. That money could be well spent elsewhere, and that grain they aren't growing could be used elsewhere as well.
You have taken the first step, congratulations. You may at some point upon further reflection realize that being vegan is the logical conclusion and is not so hard. I was surprised at how vegan friendly NYC is. Welcome to the conscious world! And Thank You!
Not so fast there fella! I am not giving up sausages - EVER!
I got a buck says you're gnawing on a T-bone in a matter of months.

Red meat rules!!!
A dollar?

I promised D that I'd make an exception now and again, special occasion type stuff. Mayhap we have one when you come up, but beef is off the daily consumption list.
That's right, $307 Billion to an industry that is project to grow by $28 billion. Not to mention the fact most farms are now corp owned. How's that AG's, $307 billion to Del Monte.

Farm-aid: Great concert, misspent tax dollars.
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