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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Wisdom is a guitar lesson.

Wisdom is a nice jacket.

Wisdom is playing the bass.

Wisdom is proficiency with arms.

Wisdom is paying tribute to friends.

Wisdom is remembering where you came from.

Wisdom is a professional attitude.

Wisdom is hangin' with Willie.

Wisdom is self awareness.

Wisdom is unconcerned with perfection.

Wisdom is an easy target.

Wisdom is a 57 Telecaster, same as always.......

Wisdom is a reassurance.

Wisdom is a respect for craft.

Wisdom has a home in Jamaica.

Wisdom really does have a home in Jamaica.

Wisdom is Happy.

I've watched and listened to all of them plus the ones you e-mailed me and I can only say that if Dave can't see the wisdom after these, then he will grow to be a very lonely and unhappy man.
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