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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

CHANGE? RIGHT............

Near death, in response to the apparent Obama victory, Senator McCain mumbled through what teeth he has left that he was the candidate for 'right change'. The only change Senator Boneyard has any knowledge of is when his undocumented domestic worker changes his adult diaper.

"He is an impressive man who makes a great first impression," he said. "But he hasn't been willing to make the tough calls, to challenge his party, to risk criticism from his supporters to bring real change to Washington. I have."

Even in the WWF world of prez campaigning, nuggets of truth do somehow make their way through.
Then where's the truth you speak of?

"Hasn't been willing to make tough calls?" Where does that come from, what is he referring to?

"Challenge his party"? He went up against Hillary in 08, he was supposed to wait until 2112.

Now, maybe McOld had risked party criticism to bring change to Washington, but as a Democrat you don't have to, that's what we're running on.

Ridiculousness. McAincient is so full of shit he makes pigeons look clean.

...your up ;)
Here's my deal, I'm not going to mock Barack Obama. The mocking thing adds nothing to the discussion. Especially since if you do a search on your blog you'll find your own positive words on John McCain.

I'll debate a candidates platform all day long, but like your pledge to not eat cow because global warming is going to get us if we don't, I'm going to refrain from mocking the candidate I'm going to vote against. I hate Sean Hannity as much as Bill Mahr. To me, they are equally repulsive and unfunny.

Having said that, the Senator Boneyard and adult diaper thing was indeed funny.
I appreciate your respectful attitude. I can't say I will act accordingly.

Maybe if McCain picks a running mate I'm not fearful of, then I'll lay off the old jokes, but if he dies and leaves us with another rightwingnut, well, I don't currently own enough 'I told you so's' to hand out.

Maybe you're reffering to this:


Well, he did piss me off, he said he was comfy w/ the US being in Iraq for 100 years. A year ago I thought he had some sense of what Americans want. Now I undersatnd that he only has a sense of what Americans who support the war want.

I'm also of the opinion that I was in a hurry to endorse McCain here:


Although I still think he would be a vast improvement to the current administration (can't wait until that phrase means something else), he still sucks up to the NRA, has no real Health Care agenda, and is way too into maintaing the war.

McCain says he's the 'right change' candidate. If he means the right change is very little change, well then he's right.

I say change.
McCain will pick Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, as his running mate and he will beat Obama.

It beggars belief that Obama is viewed by people like Jackson as some kind of unstoppable juggernaut who will crush McCain. Have you bothered to look at the polls? At the Electoral College math?

For a guy who is supposed to be so incredible, Obama sure limped across the finish line in the Democratic primaries. And he can't do any better than even with McCain in the national polls?

November may turn out to be a very big surprise for the Obamaniacs...
Alaska is cool.....get it.....

Polls mean squat.

Nobody ever asked me nuthin'....
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